Black Garnet Rosary


A rosary of hand linked 2.5mm black garnet beads on oxidised sterling silver wire, sporting a Dove bone crucifix. This process is done by us in a perfect state of meditation, so to imbue this chaplet with the spirit required for such a potent icon. Before dispatch, each rosary has had at least one hundred and eight "Hail Marys”, thirteen "Aum Shantis” and nine "Hakuna Matatas” prayed over it by multi-denominational Nuns. Alternatively you may specify your personalised sectarian chant in the notes section at checkout.

Approximately 47cm long / Crucifix: 4cm


Oxidised sterling silver, black garnets


This necklace is made to order within 4-6 weeks. Requested modifications are subject to revised production timelines and pricing.

AU $1,700.00

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