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Our little jewel factory

The Tale

Welcome, dear friend, to our non-physical jewel shoppe, suspended for your convenience in the world wide webs.

Our physical locale is deep in the Woods of East Melbourne, above the pointy bottom bit of the Crowned republic of Australia. Here we have a humble little factory that produces relics of love and seeds of devotion, which we then drape in the webs, just for you.

No one knows exactly when our factory was founded, not even its enigmatic founder herself, Julia deVille. We only recognise that it has been in operation for a VERY LONG TIME!

On the eve of the sixth new moon of MMXVI, we proudly opened a subaqueous locutorium down below our little alchemical laboratory. A moist place governed by an octopus and devoted to the facilitation of personalised jewels for devout patrons, such as yourself.

You may read more about and arrange to visit the JdV Locutorium here.

The JdV Studiolings
There are thirteen of us here, working in our little factory and we are family; not by blood, but simply because we can never leave.

Of course there is JdV, who resides up in the tower all alone. She is a solitary creature but loves us all as if we were her own.

Lord Bethell and Moo are our head alchemists, two of the finest conjurers on the globe. JdV selected them for both are pure of heart, a prerequisite to make devotional seeds and love relics.

Lady Breanna is our nouveau métier alchimisté. However, in actuality she has been here since the very establishment of our little factory (a telling insignia of her maturity). It is a problematical story in which a theoretical understanding of the illusory nature of space and time is required to understand, so I will leave you with the plain fact that she is congruously our oldest and newest member.

Our St Rosa (AKA The Countess) has a heart of gold and is mother to all here. On the full moon we phlebotomise her and transform the alluvial fluid from her veins, into our most precious jewels. She will be the one to nurture you, if you should visit our physical subaqueous locutorium to acquire a love seed or devotional relic.

Once heir to the throne of the Gelfling kingdom, Emma Jane instead decided to reside with us here in our little factory. Her speciality; orthogonal magic. Most of us here have no concept of angular computations so she helps us to true our planes and razer our bangs.

Victoria is our patient and adumbral factory raven. She is constantly swooping across our three-story library, scouring for new alchemical recipes to improve our aurous yields.

Sarah is our mermaid, taxmaid and newly-ordained milkmaid. She has outstanding numerical prowess… ahem, for a lactating fish.

Zaiba, our beautiful Nubian Princess is in charge of divining for precious gems in distant lands, which are placed in our famously coveted jewels, just for you.

Lady Keast is the newest member of our team, and apprentice alchemist. First we must guide her through her own personal psycho-spiritual alchemical transformation before she may learn to transmute mercury into gold.

The factory mascot is Chilli R. Ra, our miniature fox and overseer of the auspicious production of black diamonds. Sadly this formidable task has left her in a somewhat anxious and quivering state, God bless her tiny tormented soul.

Aragon is our blind dragon cub. What he lacks in voyance is atoned by purity of spirit. And crystals of the tears he weeps are used for our most heartfelt devotional seeds.

And last of all there is I, Scout Jean-Baptisté, your faithful narrator and auxiliary to JdV. Bonded by an eternity together, my benevolent master has placed me in charge of all matters pertaining to the elucidation of her creations.

A wholehearted welcome from all of us here in our little alchemical factory.

Yours in sincerity,

Scout Jean-Baptisté

Familiar, council and companion to Julia deVille

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