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The lost website of JdV.

A Sunken Website Fable

Civilisations ago, when our antiquated protagonist JdV dwelt in the lost city of Atlantis, she had a handsome website suitable to the flash based technology of the epoch. It was a work of art in itself, created by a pair of rare Atlantian coding pandas 

Our tenacious JdV has never been one for modernity; after many failed attempts to fasten a pocket watch fob-chain to her new diePhone 7, she has capitulated to technology and now straps this piece of modern thaumaturgy to her wrist as she imprudently believes to be the fashion of the times (and all this was only after reluctantly abandoning her iSun Dial)! 

Alas, to get with prevailing paradigms she acknowledged she must move on from her 11,000 year old Atlantian website and move to something that functions not only on stone tablets and through telepathy, but iTablets and diePhones as well. Some sacrifices had to be made in order for you dear patron to be able to acquire our devotional seeds and love relics via this web-suspended jewel shop. It is starker than master desires but it serves its purpose well. And when the unexceptional technology of our day catches up to our artisan Atlantian predecessors, our little website will be accompanied by all the chimes and whistles that JdV requires to feel equanimity within existence. 

If you would like to view a vestige of JdV’s lost Atlantian website, you may do so here. 

Please note, it requires flash to function and therefore won’t render on your iTablet, diePhone or any other ‘smart’ device. 

Yours in posterity,

Scout Jean-Baptisté 

Familiar, council and technologist to Julia deVille