Animal Kingdom at The Johnston Collection

JdV is honoured to be exhibiting several taxidermy works as part of Animal Kingdom at the Johnston Collection:

We’re all part of the animal kingdom, appearing in what Darwin called “endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful”.

Through contemporary artists and historical objects, this audacious exhibition brings together and seeks out representations of animals which have continued to inspire and inform us over time.

In ANIMAL KINGDOM, exquisite animal-inspired objects from The Johnston Collection will be juxtaposed alongside fantastical creations by some of Melbourne’s best contemporary makers including Kate Rohde, Troy Emery, Julia deVille, Vipoo Srivilasa, Alison Cole, Lesley Uren, and Yvonne Walton in one magnificent show.

Visitors to ANIMAL KINGDOM will discover a world of animals within The Johnston Collection!

You may book to see ANIMAL KINGDOM here.

Note: ALL guests will be collected by our courtesy bus from the foyer of the Pullman Melbourne on the Park, 192 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne, ten minutes before their tour start time. Fairhall exhibition-house visits will take at least 1½ hours.

13 June - 19 September 2017

www.johnstoncollection.orgPh: +61 3 9416 2515